Small Kitchen? Big Ideas for Cabinet Efficiency and Style

Small Kitchen? Big Ideas for Cabinet Efficiency and Style

Tiny living is a popular way to live with less, but it’s not always a choice. Whether you’re purposely living in a smaller home or have found yourself wishing for more space without the option of moving, today’s blog post will offer some innovative cabinetry ideas for transforming a small kitchen into a more functional, organized space. Ready to bring big changes to your little kitchen? Contact Johnson Cabinetry & Refacing in Northern Colorado to discuss your project!

Baskets and organizing bins

Declutter Before You Renovate

Adding cabinets and adjusting their layout can add more space to your kitchen, but it’s important to get to a baseline of belongings before starting a renovation project. Whether you’ve been living in the same home for years or had to downsize, getting rid of unused items will create more space and allow you to plan a kitchen cabinet renovation based on more accurate storage needs.

White cabinets

Well Color Me Spacious!

Did you know that colors can have a significant impact on how open or cramped a room feels? If you don’t have storage issues but are still feeling a little too cozy in the kitchen, a lighter color palette and purposeful color placement can do the trick. In this case, kitchen cabinet refinishing can be a great option on its own or when paired with other kitchen updates.

Kitchen with white cabinets

Get Creative With Cabinet Placement

Maximizing space in a small area is all about the details, and every opportunity for additional storage matters. Consider adding custom cabinets to areas that would not typically feature them, such as the gap beside the fridge (perfect for a pull-out spice cabinet). You may also find that there are empty walls in or near your kitchen that could host additional cabinets.

Blind corner cabinet with swing out inserts

Implement Specialized Cabinet Inserts

Cabinet inserts can help you store your kitchen items more efficiently and take advantage of difficult-to-use spaces. From lazy susans and slide-outs to solutions for blind corner cabinets, these handy innovations are worth considering during your kitchen cabinet renovation project.

The cabinetry experts at Johnson Cabinetry & Refacing can help you explore even more ideas to make your small kitchen more usable and enhance its aesthetic appeal. Contact us today in Northern Colorado to learn more about our services!

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