4 Ways To Transform Your Room With the Perfect Cabinets

4 Ways To Transform Your Room With the Perfect Cabinet

While cabinets are a common fixture in the kitchen or in the bathroom, some of us don’t think about cabinets as options in the bedroom. With years of experience crafting quality custom cabinets for our customers in Northern Colorado, Johnson Cabinetry and Refacing can add great cabinets to any room in your home, even your bedroom! To learn more about how to transform your room with cabinets keep reading, or contact us for a quote and see what we can build for you!

Organized room with cabinets


Install cabinets in your room to organize your things. Instead of having everything randomly placed together, get custom cabinets built to put everything in its own place. Put your t-shirts, jackets, and shoes in their own cabinets so you’ll always know where to find them.

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Clean Your Space

If you have clothes, books, sheets, or other random things thrown around your room, getting cabinets in your room can help you clean up the space to make it look neat and tidy. Get a custom cabinet to put a laundry basket in to get dirty clothes out of the way or build a cabinet with shelves to put your books and nick-knacks in.


Extra Storage

If you have things like extra sheets and towels piling up in your room, it might be time to get a few custom cabinets built. You can store your extra towels, sheets, and anything else in these cabinets to get them out of the way until you or a guest need them so they aren’t crowding your personal space.

Clothes hanging in a cabinet

Use as a Closet

For smaller rooms that have no closet, a large cabinet can be built to hang clothing in. Cabinets make a fantastic alternative to closets for people who don’t have them. Instead of shoving your clothes into a dresser or armoire, install a large cabinet to hang them in so they don’t get wrinkles.

As one can see, cabinets are not just for the kitchen, they are a welcomed addition anywhere. If you want to transform your room into a more functional space, get custom cabinets from Johnson Cabinets and Refacing. One of the best cabinet installations, refacing, and replacement companies in Northern Colorado, when it comes to cabinets, we have you covered! Contact us and get a quote to get started today!

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